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Recently approved PFI schemes in London, Birmingham and St Helens would produce windfall profits of pounds 440m, it was claimed.
The combined net profits will be in the region of $5m without windfall profits and greatly improved with them.
Indeed, a well-run company would use the windfall profits on its export to Britain of cars made in Germany to compensate for losses on the export of British-made Rovers to the rest of the EU.
At the heart of the first Labour budget in 18 years is the tax on the windfall profits of fat cat privatised utilities which will be used to get 250,000 young people and long-term jobless off the dole.
There is a tremendous amount of windfall profits that can come to landfill operators if there are no competitors around,'' said Barclay Hudson, a waste-management teacher at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.
Car makers were again accused yesterday of making windfall profits out of British customers.
An LAPD Devonshire Division police officer has been indicted and other LAPD officers are being probed in separate investigations of illegal ``pyramid'' chain investment schemes that promise windfall profits, police officials said Tuesday.
Unfortunately, some members of Congress are advocating imposition of a windfall profits tax, retroactive policy changes and other punitive measures, despite the overwhelming evidence that these policies would do great harm to the nation's energy supply and security as we make the transition to a technology-driven future.
High oil prices have inhibited growth, but have brought windfall profits to the favored few who have oil and gas to export.
While in office, Nickles made numerous contributions to the nation's energy policies, including the repeal of the Windfall Profits Tax (1988), repeal of the Fuel Use Policy Act (1987), and the deregulation of natural gas prices (1989).