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The IMF's Executive Board agreed that the windfall profits should be used for the benefit of the Fund's low-income members, and that the distribution of profits could only take place after members accounting for at least 90 percent of the distribution undertook to make their shares available to the PRGT.
was not eligible to claim a foreign tax credit for its payment of the windfall profits tax because the tax did not meet the gross receipts requirement of Regs.
The coal mine reserves that we have got, we can not have any windfall profit because actual cost is regulated by CERC (Central Electricity Regulatory Commission) regime.
It is fundamental that windfall profits be taxed because the companies' huge earnings are not the result of company management but rather the jump in prices.
Nigeria's Excess Crude Account (ECA) was created to save windfall profits from periods of high oil prices.
The new super profits tax would only claim 5-15% of this windfall profit.
This work explains background, history, rationales, policy and economic contexts, and consequences of bills introduced in Congress to impose a windfall profits tax on oil--that is, a tax on oil industry income that is due primarily to rising crude oil prices, not new production or investment.
The government may also be willing to soften a tough tax on windfall profits when prices are high.
The Oyu Tolgoi project, which is expected to employ 5,000 people at the mine and thousands more in the supply chain around it, was made possible when lawmakers recently scrapped a controversial windfall profits tax.
KARACHI, June 30, 2009 (Balochistan Times) --Most cities across the country witnessed fuel shortages as petrol pump owners have created an artificial shortage of the commodity for windfall profits after reports spread that petroleum prices are going up from July 01, 2009.
Now we see the result of this speculation with BP enjoying huge windfall profits.
As millions of Britons struggle to make ends meet, the energy and oil companies struggle with a different challenge - what to do with all their windfall profits.