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Nasdaq: MNPI) has begun shipping Carbon Copy(TM) for Windows 3.
Patton is full of praise for windows itself (especially for Windows 3.
With its launch in 1991, PhotoStyler was the first true color image processing software to take full advantage of Windows 3.
He also led the development of the Windows logo and its licensing program, the publication and marketing of "The Road Ahead" by Bill Gates, Microsoft's support of education, and the launch events from Windows 3.
Nasdaq: MNPI) today introduced Carbon Copy(TM) for Windows 3.
For a complete list of modeling and rendering features available in solidThinking for Windows 3.
NeTpower will demonstrate its MEDIApress color reference display solution for pre-press and publishing applications, and its MEDIApost animation, editing and compositing solution, which now includes plug-in support for LightWave 3D, as well as a QuickTime for Windows 3.