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MESSENGER. A person appointed to perform certain duties, generally of a ministerial character.
     2. In England, a messenger appointed under the bankrupt laws, is an officer who is authorized to execute the lawful commands of commissioners of bankrupts.

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Skype simply makes a better business proposition over Windows Messenger as Skype has the potential to earn big revenue for Microsoft, said reports.
You cannot search by hobbies or other keywords from within MSN Messenger or Windows Messenger.
Microsoft Security Bulletin MS08-050 - Important vulnerability in supported versions of Windows Messenger.
The solution comes as an update for the Windows Messenger real time communications client and will be available for download from the Microsoft web site from October 25.
WebEx currently enables integrated access to WebEx meetings from a variety of applications and instant messaging clients including Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Windows Messenger and the popular AOL Instant Messenger (AIM).
From personal to group systems, TANDBERG MXP video endpoints now support Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and operate with Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005, an enterprise instant messaging (IM) and presence-awareness solution, and Windows Messenger, with future support for Microsoft's upcoming integrated communications client, code-named "Istanbul.
Internet Explorer 6 and Windows Messenger also provide the capability of instant text, chat, voice, and video communication.
57 percent of reported incidents over IM networks targeted the MSN Messenger Client, Windows Messenger Client and MSN Network;
In 2005, 62 percent of mutating IM threats targeted the MSN network via Windows Messenger or MSN Messenger, 25 percent targeted AOL, and eight percent targeted the Yahoo
As a result, Windows Messenger users will have access to richer media collaboration experiences that will better unify people, applications, services and devices from the desktop to the conference room, inside and between organizations.
By linking the power of the Microsoft Office System with MCI's intelligent network, end-users will soon be able to instantly place multipoint conference calls on demand through Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 or Microsoft Windows Messenger.