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Relation by blood or consanguinity; relatives by birth.

The term kin is ordinarily applied to relationships through ties of blood; however, it is sometimes used generally to include family relationships by affinity.

Kindred is a synonym for kin.


n. blood relative.


noun affiliation, blood relation, blood relative, distant relative, family, family ties, ilk, kindred, kinship, line, lineage, near relation, next of kin, relation, reeation through ties of blood, relationship through consannuinity, relative, sibling, stock
Associated concepts: next of kin
See also: descendant, descent, family, house, kindred, kinship, lineage, next of kin, relation, relative
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While Kik is no longer supporting Windows Phone, it very much alive in other platforms.
The technical details of the dual-OS implementation are not clear as of now, whether the Android and Windows Phone operating systems would be offered through a dual-boot menu at the start-up of the Huawei smartphone, or if the user would be able to switch between the two operating systems at any point.
I]n 2010 and again more recently, Google blocked Microsoft's new Windows Phones from operating properly with YouTube.
Ramon Llamas, an analyst at IDC, said his view of the Windows Phone operating system is more conservative.
Drawing inspiration from Windows Phone 8X and 8S by HTC, we wanted to create smartphones that clearly epitomise revolutionary technology, creative designs and incredible specs," said Jon French, vice-president of HTC MEA.
As part of its alliance with Microsoft, MTN customers in South Africa, Ghana and Nigeria will be among the first users in the world to experience the Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 operating systems.
Now, we are poised to end the year with a big bang -- with the introduction of our first smartphone running on the Windows Phone platform.
NAVIGON AG, a Germany-based company that produces navigational products, has announced the release of its new mobile software for Windows Phone 7 smart phones.
Additionally, since Map Suite Windows Phone Edition is built upon the established Map Suite core framework, developers who are already working on applications for the desktop or web using other Map Suite editions can now easily port their projects to Windows Phone 7 handsets, broadening their potential market to include the fast-growing world of mobile computing.
Included in the partnership is the development of the first Nokia products incorporating the Windows Phone 7.
com Inc (Nasdaq:AMZN) announced yesterday the release of the Amazon App for Windows Phone 7, expanding its suite of mobile shopping applications.
HTC Announced HTC Sense Coming to Windows Phone 7: Microsoft Windows Phone 7 is the forthcoming exciting Smartphone to challenge iPhone 4 and HTC Evo 4G.