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Moments later, after losing sight of the sea on the footpath, the couple could no longer see the windsurfer and decided to call 999.
At yesterday's inquest, Mr Brown said: "Mr Silipo, an experienced windsurfer, died as the result of drowning whilst surfing in severe weather conditions near Blyth Harbour on November 7, 2012.
Once you learn to fly the kite, I am almost certain the windsurfers will transfer.
Two windsurfers - a man and a 15-year-old - were rescued in separate incidents in rough seas as Force nine gales created massive breaking waves off Porthcawl.
A A A Several internationally renowned windsurfers are taking part in this edition, including Moroccan windsurfer Guilloul Boujmaa, which was to begin on Monday, but was postponed due to the lack of sufficient winds.
Steering a windsurfer is done by tilting and rotating the mast and sail as well as tilting and maneuvering the board.
Seven days on, only a lone windsurfer braved the same beach yesterday, the sand soggy with puddles, and a chilly wind plunging the temperature to 53 deg F.
French windsurfer Antoine Albeau has set a new, all-category world sailing speed record at 49.
For a windsurfer, sharp muscular pain remains a concern, though this activity provokes few traumas or pathologies (Habal, 1986; Porcella et al.
A windsurfer escaped with his life after being found clinging to a buoy three-and-a-half miles out to sea.
Volume I of the Tollan Trilogy, Banking, Beer & Robert the Bruce is the debut novel of globe-trotting ski instructor, insurance company worker, windsurfer, and restauranteur T.
The windsurfer who would be king underestimated President Bush.