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As General McPeak analyzed options for the wing structure, one of the key issues he wanted to address was the balance of responsibilities between groups.
The global wing structure also positions the logistics community for future transformation initiatives.
It will be utilized for cutting the composite stringers, which are part of the composite wing structure.
Assembly of the wing structure is complete, and the lower composite skins were recently attached for drilling.
In the F-15, we've had structural failures where the tail has actually come off the aircraft, and we are beginning to see major cracks in the wing structure of the aircraft.
Have them compare the bat's wing structure to their own hand and arm bones.
Supported 1 2m above the ground by a colonnade of slender steel columns, this glass wing structure will be 89m across, and stiffened, using the spoked wheel principle, by a skeleton of steel plates 20-35mm thick between the two curved steel collar edges.
While not big enough to cause safety problems, the cracks were the first found on the wing structure of the four-engine, double-decker planes, they said.
The presentation, "Capability Assessment of Hybrid Components Utilizing Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) and Aerosol Jet Technologies," highlights how Stratasys, Optomec and Aurora Flight Sciences collaborated on a project to demonstrate how these technologies might be combined to print electronic structures including antennas, strain gauges, a power circuit, and a signal circuit directly onto the surface of a Stratasys 3D Printed wing structure.
The effectiveness of the approach will be demonstrated on an aeronautic wing structure by means of numerical and experimental checks and by a quantitative estimation of weight reduction obtained using the optimization module included in the RIBES application.
The wing structure has been redesigned to minimize the overall aircraft drag during cruise while achieving a 600 lb weight saving.
Anti-counterfeiting technology which exploits some of the properties of the natural wing structure of butterflies, and can be used to ensure authenticity of high value goods such as pharmaceuticals and aircraft parts;