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If you frequently drive on snow-covered roads, there is no substitute for winter tires, according to Consumer Reports.
Winter tires are supposedly much better than even the best all-season tires for winter driving.
This new high-performance winter tire takes up the baton from two top-performing models, the ContiWinterContact TS 830 P and the WinterContact TS 850 P, both of which scored top marks in a variety of tests conducted by car magazines and automobile clubs.
They used to be called "snow tires," but over the past couple of years that name has been dropped by most tire manufacturers in favor of the "winter tire" designation, since dedicated winter tires are designed to handle more than just snow.
Putting winter tires on was not an issue for me for most of my life in yzmir where we didn't have a real winter.
But as modern radials have taken over, winter tires are making something of a comeback: New technology has made them better as well, and brick-and-mortar and Internet-based tire dealers have added sizzle to their efforts to market them.
Bridgestone) today announced the expansion of its premium winter tire line with the release of the Bridgestone Blizzak LT tire for heavy-duty pickup trucks and SUVs.
This positive beginning is despite the very mild winter, which led to low winter tire sales.
The performance winter tire is a type of studless tire that has a higher speed-rating and good dry handling, while compromising mildly on ice and snow traction.
Winter tire opportunities had been explored in the Alpine regions of Switzerland and Austria and so sales of winter tires were not able to maintain the tire markets in these countries throughout the recession.
Many of the prime candidate countries for winter tire use are currently underexploited, such as the UK, where only 10% of sales are currently for winter tires.
Key statement: The present invention provides a polar group-containing copolymer which can provide a rubber composition and a winter tire achieving the abrasion resistance, performance on ice, and handling stability on dry roads in a balanced manner.