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This does not mean you need to worry about driving on winter tyres in warmer conditions, as this type of tyre remains fully functional and completely safe at temperatures of up to 20degC.
Unlike summer tyres winter tyres don't harden at lower temperatures.
The company's flagship Hakkapeliitta winter tyres (a premium segment where Nokian's market share is close to 40% in Russia) are featured in many magazines, billboards and TV ads.
Courtesy cars will be free, and will be offered with insurance and winter tyres during colder months.
The increase in demand was additionally boosted by new regulations in Germany, making winter tyres mandatory.
NOW the snow and ice are here, my husband put winter tyres on his car (we don't have a 4x4 to get through the snow) and what a difference they have made.
The first major series application of the rubber additive is in the production of winter tyres by Toyo Tire & Rubber of Japan.
Focusing on future revenue generating segments of the market, such as HP and UHP tyres, winter tyres and tyres with higher diameters is a key action needed at present in order to overcome the current challenges.
In motoring terms, it's time to switch from trainers to boots - and that means getting on your winter tyres.
Winter tyres are put to the test in extreme conditions around the clock.