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After the wire center has melted, capillary action dominates; Lord Rayleigh's fluid instability theory applies [8].
By first overlaying wire center service territories on a map containing ZIP code boundaries, the authors were then able to use census data classified by ZIP code to determine the market characteristics of each wire center.
Household economic and demographic data by wire center, derived from the 1990 census, were included in the Maptitude Geographic Information System purchased from Caliper Corporation.
Business data by wire center were acquired from the ZIP Code Business Patterns CD-ROM (up to 1999, published in November 2002) purchased from the U.
Census data were also used to determine the percentage of each wire center classified as rural.
Chiefly, a DSLAM (DSL access multiplexer), a mechanism at the wire center that links many end-user's DSL connections to a single high-speed ATM line.
To construct the Bell operating company service area variables, ZIP code areas were matched to wire center areas.
My approach is closest to that of Gabel and Kwan (2001), who study broadband availability at 287 wire centers.
Additionally, wire center detail was not implemented until September 1984, there was double-counting of WATS minutes until late 1984, and inaccuracies were noted (and later corrected) throughout much of 1984.
To define the business and residence segments, all the wire centers can be ranked according to their business access line proportions.
In a different analysis, to see whether there is a more general way to detect a difference in usage growth rates between residence and business customers, we regress wire-center-specific trend growth rates on the business proportion of lines using approximately 1,200 wire centers.
ADC helped FTC manage the increased amount of fiber and FTC's limited physical space within its wire centers with the NGF.