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The authors found that the greater the wire center territory classified as rural, the lower the likelihood that packet switching is available.
Since ILECs and CLECs may target deployment of ATS in areas that are heavy users of communications services, a set of regressors that controls for the relevant types of industries (specifically SIC 52 and 54) in each wire center was required.
Natural log of the number of CLEC competitors within three miles of an ILEC wire center
Number of employees (of firms located within a wire center boundary)
Measured in terms of small, medium, or large corporate owner of the wire center (separated into specific companies to reduce systematic biases).
The horizontal and vertical coordinates of each wire center, provided by the Local Exchange Routing Guide (LERG) database, were converted to miles using the "Donald Elliptic Projection" methodology (National Exchange Carrier Association, 1999).
We are able to obtain the prediction of the number of access lines for the remaining wire centers by performing a regression where the number of access lines is a function of the number of households and number of people employed in the wire center.
As shown in Table 2, in 2001, packet switching was offered by ILECs in a minority of wire centers in the United States.
The trend growth rates for each of 1,176 Southwestern Bell wire centers (for the cross-section regression) are similarly estimated.
In the right-hand column of Table 1 is a list of the number of wire centers in each segment.
Wire centers are switching centers for a local exchange's traffic within an area, also known as Class 5 Offices.
About 100 wire centers are omitted because of their not having been used for switched access throughout the entire period or because of poor data quality.