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Although there is no direct quotation of the Wisdom of Solomon in the New Testament, the Nestle-Aland edition of the Greek New Testament lists over 100 possible allusions to it.
The intellectual atmosphere in Alexandrian Egypt, which Collins illuminates through frequent reference to Philo, goes a long way toward explaining the new themes in Wisdom of Solomon.
Penchansky's discussion of the Wisdom of Solomon is a response to Alexander A.
Metaphors or ideas expressed in Israel's Wisdom literature that emerge in the Gospel of John can be found in such books as Proverbs, Sirach, Wisdom of Solomon, Baruch and Enoch.
I SHOULD begin with congratulating the new Police and Crime Commissioner and hoping that he has the wisdom of Solomon.
9-10), as seen in scripture, midrash, Philo, Josephus, Wisdom of Solomon, and Jubilees.
The essays cover the canon of scripture in the Orthodox Church, the Prayer of Manasses: Orthodox tradition and modern studies in dialogue, the Testament of Solomon and other pseudepigraphical material in Ahkam Sulayman (Judgment of Solomon), the Book of Wisdom of Solomon in the Armenian Church literature and liturgy, The New Testament Romanian amulet text Visul Maicii Domnului (The Dream of the Mother of the Lord), banning from the lectionary: excluding the Apocalypse of John from the Orthodox New Testament canon, and New Testament Apocrypha and the Armenian version of the Bible.
Part three critiques the Psalms of Solomon, Ben Sirach, the Wisdom of Solomon, 4 Maccabees, Theodotus, Ezekiel the Tragedian, and other lesser known documents of ancient Jewish literature.
Where is the wisdom of Solomon for today in the face of the ongoing nightmarish Israeli-Palestinian conflict over a tiny strip of land on the east Mediterranean coast?
The models for King Lear, Bloom notes are Solomon - in advanced old age, Koheleth (Ecclesiastes) and the Apocrypha's Wisdom of Solomon which the compilers of the Bible changed but only slightly.
If you're in the position of overseeing an online discussion, at times it can take the wisdom of Solomon to keeps things under control.
IT'S a balancing act which requires the skills of The Great Blondin and the wisdom of Solomon.