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Beckinsale, 43, will appear in the fifth film in the Underworld series - Underworld: Blood Wars - which Wiseman helped write and produce.
Mr Wiseman said: "For six months I have been under siege in my own home with more than 100 enforcement notices.
A previous statement by the council said: "We understand that between 24 September 2012 and 6 October 2013, Mr Wiseman had possession of a council property which had previously been rented by his mother.
This fluidity is also present in the natural world, which, Wiseman argues, was represented for the early moderns as in a constant state of generation and transformation.
Coroner Thomas Atherton stressed that the paramedics were not being investigated for misconduct and that he was trying to establish all of the facts of the case after receiving an email from Mr Wiseman expressing concern about the equipment failure.
Dan Howell, Muller Wiseman Dairies' commercial director, said: "Everyone is aware of how important milk is to health and that is why we wanted to support healthy lifestyle activities such as children's sport.
Carl Ravenhall, Managing Director of Muller Wiseman Dairies said: "Muller Wiseman Milk Group farmers are producing more than 90,000 tonnes of cream each year and Sean's role is key to optimising returns from this product in all market conditions.
Wiseman slashed prices after the value of cream fell.
Wiseman already has regional Black & White subbrands for Welsh and Scottish milk, as well as milk from the Grampian, West Country and Cornish regions, that indicate where the milk is produced or packed.
Richard Wiseman is well known (at least in the UK) as a psychologist, magician, and nowadays Professor of the Public Understanding of Psychology.
The offer for UK dairy group Robert Wiseman Dairies plc (LSE:RWD) by Muller Dairy (UK) Limited has been declared unconditional, the companies announced today.
Wiseman realized that people would need help with the paperwork since laws allow people to amend their tax returns going back five years.