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The near total annihilation of the Wobblies served as a confirmation to the AFL of its conservative strategy.
The well-upholstered cook Clarissa Dickson-Wright, who startlingly reveals she is ``no Playboy centre-fold'',has rushed to the aid of all worried wobblies.
In his poignant book Quand je dis Dieu and its even more searing sequel, Dieu fractures (God--in Fragments), (11) he pointed out that we use resurrection as a convenient excuse for degrading and devaluing the real lives we live here and now, promising "pie in the sky when you die," as the Wobblies sang.
The Barnum Restaurant] fed almost the entire populace and about the time of the expiration of the leases on the Mizpah a movement was started by a number of wobblies, who had been working for the leasers, and who had been boarding with Ford & Chung, and who were indebted for several months' service, to drive all the Chinese out of this camp.
So officials used a number of trumped up excuses for denying entry to members of the Wobblies and for deporting those already in Canada.
I'm talking about the agitators down through history, not just those who wrote the documents of democracy--the Constitution, the Bill of Rights--but those who democratized those documents: Sojourner Truth and Frederick Douglas, the abolitionists and the suffragists, the populists and the Wobblies, Ida Tarbell and Upton Sinclair, Mother Jones and Woody Guthrie, John L.
After landing and walking from their aircraft, pilots with GIVD manifest an extremely unstable gait, which they call the wobblies.
While Darren is more difficult to get shot of than Doris the technique is much the same - lob in some wobblies and throw them out of their stride.
Eugene O'Neill's The Iceman Cometh and The Hairy Ape contain a number of allusions to the Industrial Workers of the World--the Wobblies.
Conducting marches and demonstrations under unfurled American and worker flags, the Wobblies would occupy public parks, street comers, or major arenas, such as Madison Square Garden, and deliver spirited, sometimes incendiary, oratory for one specific purpose: to organize the unorganized.
Duval must have a realistic chance of regaining the No 1 spot, provided he doesn't throw any wobblies such as not turning up at Valderrama for a million-dollar first prize, because surely Woods cannot win eight US Tour events every year.
His discussion of Hector Olivera's Rebellion in Patagonia (1974) and Deborah Shaffer's The Wobblies (1979) returns to a familiar argument in his book, the problems of engaging the vital complexity of labor history without soft-pedaling difficult contradictions implicit within any history of radicalism.