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Although many of these issues are shared by white women faculty and by faculty of color in general, women of color face double forms of marginalization in terms of race and gender; indeed, our very presence simultaneously challenges traditional boundaries, be they departmental, disciplinary, epistemological, racial, or sociocultural.
News analysts, politicians and pundits have resorted to repeating a set of myths about the behavior of young women of color rather than relying on rigorous sociological data.
I look forward to participating in ABI's TechLeaders workshop and sharing my research on overcoming hidden bias and hidden barriers for the benefit of women of color.
I considered several metrics for answering this question: (1) the extent to which women of color were targeted by WEEA grants; (2) an analysis of the curricular and other materials the resulted from specific grants; and (3) an assessment of the impact of specific grants on the educational outcomes of targeted groups.
The panel, moderated by Kira Shepherd, director of the PRPCP Racial Justice Project, will explore the real-world impacts for women of color of laws and policies that subordinate the health and safety of patients to the religious beliefs of health care providers.
I think a lot of people think we're in a post-racial society but it certainly doesn't feel that way for the black and brown people living here," said Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff, deputy editor of gal-dem, an online magazine written by women of color.
That pay equity is still not a reality for women in the United States and that an estimated two hundred Nigerian girls could go "missing" in the midst of a school day are just two critical reminders of the elusive nature of women's equality and the persistent challenges that women of color face as they attempt to move closer to this goal.
The new line covers a variety of skin care and beauty needs for women of color.
Achieving her goal to grow the organization has not been easy, but Mitchell is an activist dedicated to encouraging women of color to take advantage of all the health care resources that are available to them.
body dissatisfaction, drive for thinness, thin-ideal internalization, dietary restraint) may be the explanation for the lack of attention given to women of color in the eating disorders literature (Grabe & Hyde, 2006; Shaw, Ramirez, Trost, Randall, & Stice, 2004; Smolak & Striegel-Moore, 2001).
In an effort to raise awareness of this issue, the Harvard Educational Review, or HER, highlights the plight of women of color in STEM in its summer symposium issue, Unraveling the Double Bind: Women of Color in STEM (http://www.
Past research has focused on the fact that law firms have lost record numbers of women of color attorneys.

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