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Miracles reported at his grave became so numerous that Cuthbert was called the Wonder-worker of England.
At the same time as he influenced the interiorization of miracles, however, Bernard of Clairvaux was a practical wonder-worker who performed perhaps thousands of cures of physical healing (p.
One of the first things I read as a young history teacher perversely interested in Russian history, a subject not then taught in any of my years of schooling and undergraduate study, was Isaac Deutscher's hagiography of Trotsky as the Russian Revolution's impetuous wonder-worker.
The state of Czechoslovakia might be finished but in South Wales the state of euphoria was just beginning, Chamberlain acclaimed the wonder-worker of European politics.
s strategy is to "split Mark open" in order to erase long-standing dichotomies like pre- and post-Easter Christology and "Jesus' office of wonder-worker and his foreboding destiny" (10).
Nicholas the Wonder-worker was unveiled on the island of Tanfilyev,'' the Russian name for Suisho Island.