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Key words: Tannin, Caprolactam, Wood preservative, Durability
Standard Test Method for Wood Preservatives by Laboratory Soil-Block Cultures.
Development of wood preservatives without the use of harmful or toxic materials such as copper, arsenic or chromium is also on the rise.
The EPA first acknowledged the dangers of wood preservatives in 1978 and announced plans to phase-out the pesticides' registration, but anti-pesticide lobbyist groups say the agency has done nothing but back-pedal ever since.
Several relatively nontoxic wood preservatives are already available, and they repel rot and bugs about as well as CCA does, notes Jim Jones, director of EPA'S Office of Pesticide Programs in Arlington, Va.
When it comes to choosing wood preservatives, there is a variety available.
It is concluded that neem oil can only be useful as a wood preservative if new, optimized formulations are sought, probably exploiting synergy with cobiocides.
To protect a fence post against the elements, place it in a bucket of wood preservative for an hour or so if it'll be below ground level or, if not, for at least five minutes.
has introduced a new EPA approved wood preservative designed for incorporation into water-based wood protective stains and coatings.
Each drum holds 50 litres of the chemical, which is most often used as a wood preservative but is also used in pesticides.
Pentachlorophenol is used as a fungicide and herbicide, and was widely used as a wood preservative until the 1970s.
After reading the depositions in the case and the discovery obtained from the ladder manufacturer, the only viable trial theory I could discern from the pleadings was that the ladder had not been treated with a wood preservative to prevent its degradation.