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Bentley, a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG (Xetra: VW), has added its first new wood veneer in five years, called Liquid Amber.
The main bedroom at the front of the house has also been blessed with the wood veneer treatment, covering all the walls and the wardrobe doors too.
It's wood veneer laid up to a plastic backing, and can be backlit, or cut in laser patterns, bit.
Each longboard takes about two weeks in production, as Mahoney and company meticulously match the wood veneer on both sides.
uk, 0844 482 2800) has a three-drawer filing cabinet finished in real wood veneer - either mahogany or oak for pounds 129.
States, which makes and sells wood veneer panels and employs more than 200 people, filed for the protection of bankruptcy court last week.
The shopfloor protest could halt wood veneer supplies across the vehicle manufacturer.
As well as special 20- inch wheels, deep pile carpets and wood veneer picnic tables the Final Series also features an i-Pod interface, a 1100w stereo and special badging to denote its status as one of the last of the Arnage line.
The profile is wrapped off-line with either wood veneer or paintable white PVC film, both slit from roll stock.
Perricone flagship store incorporates large pale green Italian porcelain tiles, which give the illusion of stone floors and walls and a soft celadon carpeting and rich African Obechi wood veneer, which is dominated by a backlit frosted-glass product display wall on each floor.
Easy to make and naturally beautiful, these votives use a brand-new, paper-thin wood veneer.