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In addition to training courses, options include work shadowing, secondment, job rotation, project work, networking and community involvement.
The UK government is keen to build links between the two countries and earlier this year the British embassy in Prague organised a series of work shadowing placements for regional and local authority officers.
TRAINING is not about weekly training courses but about identifying appropriate mentors, work shadowing and joining networks.
Paul has started getting an insight as to what various people do by work shadowing staff from offices around the region.
The partnership has created several academic and extracurricular opportunities for the students, such as internships, work shadowing, mentoring, and incentive programs.
Councillors recommend the Streetscene and Housing service continue training and development for senior officers, with work shadowing to ensure that knowledge is shared and organisation is not affected if staff leave.
I had initially thought I would be more suited to adult education but after completing a work shadowing programme at Middlesbrough College, organised by OneDoor, I realised that teaching young adults would also be a rewarding challenge.
School head Geoff Walker said: "This will firm up opportunities for the pupils such as work shadowing, help with projects and chance to talk about careers.
uk 17-year old Simon Colver, talking about his three-day work shadowing opportunity with James Bentley, said: 'The three days really opened my eyes to what kind of careers there are out there.