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Jockeys such as Jerry Bailey, who rides primarily in New York, where he is covered by Workmen's Compensation, can afford to shell out an extra $10,000 for $2 million in additional coverage.
Early in the century occupational medicine and private workmen's compensation ensured that the problem would remain in the work place.
An instance of labor and business cooperation: Workmen's compensation in Washington State (1911).
For those who had sought to uphold the dignity of meaningful work, then, workmen's compensation signaled and gave shape to a crisis for the nineteenth-century work ethic: In a world in which managers controlled even the details of production, it was no longer clear that labor could meaningfully be said to do any moral work.
Controlling time lost during workmen's compensation claims gets both the employer and the employee back on track and reduces future workmen's compensation insurance costs.
workmen's compensation and civil records in each jurisdiction of residence and, in some rare instances, even conduct genetic testing.
Concern over workmen's compensation costs is not new to this year's survey.
We want to help companies save on workmen's compensation, reduce absenteeism, and increase productivity.
Arkansas' hottest small business issue -- soaring workmen's compensation insurance rates -- may begin to cool this summer.
These include the social welfare system, the workmen's compensation system, the placement system, the medical system, and the labor market itself.
In 1950, they were brought into Social Security; in 1966, many categories of them were guaranteed the federal minimum wage; and in the mid-1980s, the Texas legislature brought their work under the state's workmen's compensation plan.
Ironically, he adds, this man was denied workmen's compensation for health problems because he's been unable to prove heavy contamination.