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CHAMPION. He who fights for another, or takes his place in a quarrel; it also includes him who fights his own battles. Bract. lib. 4, t. 2, c. 12.

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Such was the dominance of their own organisations - and their ability to unify belts - they were widely accepted as genuine world champions.
The former double World champion was roughly six seconds behind Swedish victor Abeba Aregawi, who won in 4:03.
World champion Juergen Braehmer is the man who stands in Cleverly's way.
Alister said: "These guys are all world champions and will be highly competitive.
The clever money is on Nathan Cleverly becoming a world champion.
He's a great teacher and with his experience, and considering all the world champions and big fights that he has been involved in, that can't be nothing but a benefit for me.
Alana Nichols - Alpine; Paralympic & World Champion
He said: "When I beat Katsidis I felt like a world champion anyway, but this makes it all real and I'm thrilled with the news that I'm now the official full world champion.
Selby is also looking forward to the challenge of playing the world champion and said: 'If you don't look forward to playing the world champion, then you shouldn't be playing.
leads a strong field into Tulsa that includes two world champions -- 2004 World Champion Luke Branquinho and 2005 World Champion Lee Graves.
Walker, though, who delivered memorable commentaries on British world champions such as Nigel Mansell, Damon Hill and James Hunt, is convinced his television contemporaries will soon have another title-winning Briton to cheer on.
From weathered world champions to aspiring cyclists, every age group found a race in Sunday's course.

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