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The pages of my poor friend's Journal are waiting for you at my house-- sealed up, with your name on the wrapper.
I come up, after having fallen asleep myself, below, and find you in your wrapper here, with the nightmare.
The study door flew open, the little red wrapper appeared on the threshold, joy put strength into the feeble limbs, and Beth ran straight into her father's arms.
Madame Haupt set the frying pan to one side and wiped her hands on her wrapper.
He was still fingering the fold of her wrapper, but he began to look a little more as if he believed in her reality.
There was the wrapper, the bottle, and the white powder inside, some sort of powder
The lacquey laughed, unsheathed his gourd, unwalletted his scraps, and taking out a small loaf of bread he and Sancho seated themselves on the green grass, and in peace and good fellowship finished off the contents of the alforjas down to the bottom, so resolutely that they licked the wrapper of the letters, merely because it smelt of cheese.
Instead of her usual calico wrapper and knitted shawl she wore her best dress of brown merino, and above her thin strands of hair, which still preserved the tight undulations of the crimping-pins, rose a hard perpendicular bonnet, as to which Ethan's clearest notion was that he had to pay five dollars for it at the Bettsbridge Emporium.
You'd better see what it says," he remarked, as he ran his fingers through the wrapper of a catalogue of second-hand books.
A roll of unfolded notes done up in a wrapper fell out of it.
She changed her gown for a more comfortable and commodious wrapper.
She put on a wadded wrapper and slippers and stole quietly down the tabooed front stairs, carefully closed the kitchen door behind her so that no noise should waken the rest of the household, busied herself for a half hour with the early morning routine she knew so well, and then went back to her room to dress before calling the children.