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There are no procedures for lifting and towing with the MUA while using basic M984 or M984A1 HEMTT wreckers.
The FSC's final mission required the wreckers to remove a flatrack from underneath a very large civilian generator that was powering a dozen different buildings.
When a ship was wrecked, the wreckers would club survivors to death and even bite off their ears to take earrings.
Taking the sea; perilous waters, sunken ships, and the true story of the legendary wrecker captains.
Lawrence, the author of The Wreckers, Lord of the Nutcracker Men, and other novels for YAs, writes evocatively and movingly about Kak's experiences.
But DUP Deputy leader Peter Robinson yesterday denied that he belonged to a party of wreckers.
In the inevitable press furor that followed, the group was famously denounced by the Tory MP Nicholas Fairbairn as "the wreckers of civilization.
You won't catch us describing trade unionists as wreckers.
The Wreckers is the first part of a trilogy by Iain Lawrence.
30pm First Great Western with a trainload of passengers, and having broken down at Bristol Parkway and left for two hours waiting for a replacement train on a storm-swept station, I could not help reflecting on Tony Blair's proposed speech 'reformist/wreckers' implying that anyone opposing his privatisation plan is a wrecker.
But if things go to plan and the wreckers don't get their way, then we will see a peaceful resolution to the Portadown parade.