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4 billion real writedown, an amount equal to more than half the company's current 120-billion-real ($43.
96bn euro writedown on the sale of Greek unit Emporiki, in line with expectations but taking the total cost of its disastrous foray into the debt-stricken country to around 7.
There could be some minor writedowns in Q4, but they're negligible," he said, adding that the company expected no writedowns outside the retail brokerage business.
7 million in fiscal 2009 due to the pre-tax loss resulting from security writedowns and higher loan loss provisions and to tax-exempt investments.
7 million writedown on seed capital invested in new funds at the time.
Analysts have said a capital increase for RBS, which has one of the lowest capital ratios in Europe, would likely be accompanied by higher writedowns as it sweeps its books clean.
Credit Suisse, Switzerland's second largest bank, has so far fared better than the country's largest bank, UBS, which has posted writedowns of more than SFr 37 billion as well as its first-ever full-year loss in 2007.
Reporting on writedowns, however, is not an independent process; impairment cannot be considered in isolation.
There has been a dramatic increase in the frequency and magnitude of asset writedowns during the 1980s.
Net income for the year ended December 31, 2007 included income from recoveries of previous writedowns, gains on the sale and deconsolidation of certain facilities, gains from loan payoffs and other asset sales totaling $38,916,000 or $1.
After a number of cost cutting efforts and asset writedowns across its operations in the country, Vale, a Brazilian mining giant has decided to sell its coal mine in Queensland, Australia.
The European parliament is resisting pressure from Germany to speed up rules on creditor writedowns with Swedish legislator Hoekmark stating that markets and investors needed time to adjust, and that it could not be rushed.