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On the negative side, writeoffs indicate that the fixed assets have become impaired and cannot be operated at the current capacity or efficiency level any longer.
If government could create such a massive office building glut with generous tax writeoffs, then surely it could do the same for moderate income housing, which is, after all, more important.
Mr Maude said: "There have been significant writeoffs.
41 a share, after taking record writeoffs for acquisitions of EDS in 2006 and Autonomy in 2011.
Major UK banks are expected to unveil the extent of their writeoffs this week.
Around one in 10 secondhand cars are accident writeoffs, re-built and sold on to unsuspecting motorists.
Specializing in vidgame adaptations such as the upcoming "In the Name of the King" and "BloodRayne," the $25 million vampire actioner that was quickly impaled at the box office, Boll wooed German investors looking for tax writeoffs.
But after reorganisation costs arising from the cancellation of its planned expansion and writeoffs from ten restaurants, the firm reported a pre-tax loss of pounds 3.
Dillard's recorded a pre-tax charge of $51 million for writeoffs on "under-performing properties" and store closings in the fourth quarter, but realized $27 million for the year from early debt payoffs.
The FASAB said it still would require certain supplementary information on compliance assessments, pre-assessment work in process, claims for refunds, and writeoffs.