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LAW, WRITTEN, or lex scripta. This consists of the constitution of the United States the constitutions of the several states the acts of the different legislatures, as the acts of congress, and of the legislatures of the several states, and of treaties. See Statute.

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Most convent histories were written by the abbess or the prioress and were intended primarily for the religious community and its benefactors.
Q: Some critics have written negative reviews about the book.
Ong would likely observe that while exhibiting something of oral antagonism in its disagreement with Pittacus and something of oral-formulaic practice in its sententious content, it nevertheless functions as an item of written expression and, as such, shows considerable complexity in its grammatical procedures and inferential requirements.
First, contrary to popular anecdotal evidence concerning footnotes that one encounters in the print media and at professional meetings, the discussions of impairment charges were informative and clearly written.
For example, "The manager wrote the report" is active, and "The report was written by the manager" is passive.
The three words written, "Mene," Tekel," and "Peres," foretold the end of King Belshazzar and his kingdom (Dan.
However, there are circumstances under which an oral agreement may be enforced to modify a written lease.
Administrators who understand the critical nature of written directives should also understand that their department's manuals must be well-organized and clearly written.
Much has been discussed about Circular 230's implications on CPAs regarding income tax advice and written communications.
The Hodgin Elementary School students use SignWriting, a written script of American Sign Language created by Valerie Sutton.
These revisions provide (1) "aspirational" practice standards for tax advisers, (2) mandatory requirements for "covered opinions," and (3) new practice standards for all other written tax advice.
It's tough to delete something that you've written, but it's worth gritting your teeth and doing it because the end result is almost always a more focused and readable product.