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X-Bar and R charts are a means to graphically monitor the process and to determine if it is in control (experiencing only normal random variation within an acceptable range) or out of control (changing due to some external influence).
You can look at the X-Bar chart and not have to guess what to do.
The concept of x-bar and R control charts is based on statistical hypothesis testing including computation of mean and standard deviation under a normal distribution curve.
0 introduces a new state-of-the-art Charting tool that expands the software's capability to display X-Bar, R-Bar, S-Bar, Histogram and Logarithmic charts, in addition to the more traditional real time and historical charts.
The vertical axis of the upper graph in Figure 4 is x-bar, or the average force for all connectors of the same type on each PCB.
This is a major advance over our former manual system, where everything was charted by operators using manual x-bar and R charts - from three to five charts/operation - and where all quality audit inspectors would also log measurements on log sheets.
A midrange system combines a simple scanning gauge with a PC (user's choice) for display of sheet profile, X-bar and R charts, and more.
They were added, enabling the operator to have continuous statistical data by means of X-bar and R-charts to further enhance mold control.
Sunstone purchased the hotel in 2005 and immediately implemented a $36 million improvement program, installed Global Hyatt as the operator and added the highly popular X-Bar with its indoor/outdoor lounge and a 35,000 square foot Equinox health club as well as major improvements to all public areas.
Users can apply any of the extensive set of SPC calculations to any process variable: X-bar, R-bar, S-bar, sigma, moving average, Cpk, Ppk and much more.
X-bar and r-bar charts are used when a sample size of 10 or less data collection points can be taken every few hours.