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Selective contents of XML document are distributed to the consumer based on their subscription.
RAX on the other hand utilizes W3C standards-based XPath queries which are fast becoming the most popular way to decode and route XML documents.
With JSQLMapper, developers can quickly create data mappings from existing relational data stores to sophisticated XML documents," commented Burke Cox, CEO of JNetDirect.
Create and edit XML documents using tools that range from Vim to Emacs to Microsoft Word and Open Office.
Later when an application calls for an XML document, the parser is activated, reads the XML document, and screens it on behalf of the application.
XMLSPY 5, the industry standard XML Development Environment, and AUTHENTIC 5, a XML document editor for business users, are available immediately for free trial download at http://www.
XML extends this idea to data representation and meaning -- XML documents not only contain the data itself, but also information that details the meaning of the data.
The advantages of XML document content management seem so overwhelming that many organizations are moving rapidly to embrace it.
The solution requires using correlations to convert every nuance in every XML document from each service provider so that the XML documents fit into the database tables.
With a single keystroke, customers can import an XML schema, automatically creating a complete graphic model of the structure of an XML document.
That tool creates an XML document and associated Java applet, which are collectively known as a "doclet", to run within XML-Server.