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This approach performs well on simple XML documents but not on complex XML document with irregular structure also the tool called X Query is a language which is used for finding & extracting element, attributes from XML documents [2].
Create and edit XML documents using tools that range from Vim to Emacs to Microsoft Word and Open Office.
Later when an application calls for an XML document, the parser is activated, reads the XML document, and screens it on behalf of the application.
For example, if you are reading about accessing and displaying XML document attribute values, you can quickly locate on the CD-ROM the file Inventory Attributes.
Middleware--software you call from your application to transfer data between XML documents and databases;
As Sydock XML Document Processor employs a specialized XSLT processor, it allows for the complete control of a document representation for editing, including selecting separate parts or subsets of the document.
Others will find that XML documents are actually more limited than those produced in more traditional formats and that not all Web-site-hosted documents really need XML to be informative and functional.
In XML DOM, each XML document is represented as a XML tree where each node represents an XML element.
Chapter 2, "XML," explores various facets of XML in detail, including the basic pieces of an XML document such as the document type declaration, elements, attributes, and namespaces.
Subsequent queries over these XML documents should use the index to answer arbitrary queries.
With a single keystroke, customers can import an XML schema, automatically creating a complete graphic model of the structure of an XML document.
That tool creates an XML document and associated Java applet, which are collectively known as a "doclet", to run within XML-Server.