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In addition, the openfire using open-source XMPP security service agreement, to achieve the technical visits the server software system.
XEP-0337: Event Logging over XMPP, Available from: http://xmpp.
In addition, XMPP has a vibrant community responsible for numerous code libraries, client/server implementations, and extensions to the core protocol.
Jeremie invented the streaming XML technologies we call Jabber, or more recently, XMPP," explains Peter Saint-Andre, executive director of the Jabber Software Foundation.
To communicate and collaborate over XMPP, it uses the Telepathy communication framework.
This is significant because it makes XMPP the only approved instant messaging standard approved by the DISR.
SIMPLE, an IM standard based on the SIP session initiation protocol, is supported primarily by IBM Corp's Sametime IM server, while XMPP, for extensible messaging and presence protocol, is trumpeted mainly by Jabber.
SJ im (5/ 5): This is a communication app that can be used with any other channel that supports XMPP protocol such Google Talk, Jabber, AOL and many more.
has participated in a successful OpenADR Alliance test event using the high-performance PUSH protocol, XMPP.
The Jabber project -- as well as other services such as Google's G-mail chat feature -- employ XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol), an open standard for instant messaging.