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YARD. A measure of length, containing three feet, or thirty-six inches.

YARD, estates. A piece of land enclosed for the use and accommodation of the inhabitants of a house. In England it is nearly synonymous with backside. (q.v.) 1 Chitty, Pr. 176; 1 T. R. 701.

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gt; in addition the player pages include average receptions, yds (pass, run) and TDs (pass, run) broken out by: all games, home/away, division/non-division, wins/losses, against the top 10 ranked defenses as a group/the middle 11 ranked defenses as a group/the bottom 11 ranked defenses as a group (based on final 2014 rankings), performance after 100+ yd games and performance after a game in which the player scored at least one TD
Dinna Fouter, 456 yds, par 4: A dramatic new tee has been built on a rock outcrop near the lighthouse to make this just as exciting a drive as the previous hole.
To achieve its strategic goal, the manufacturing department of YDS has been set up in a labor-intensive place - China - and controlled by the Taiwan headquarters for providing good communication and services.
Almost same percentages apply to 300 and 1,000 sq yds bungalows.
I passionately believe in the YDS concept and now want to give it my undivided attention" he said.
Hole 2, 418 yds, par 4 ONE of the week's biggest drives up this hole to brink of bunker 50 yards from the putting surface.
Royal St George's 1st), 442 yds, par 4: Puts pressure on from the start, demanding a solid drive into the left of the fairway.
Hole 3, 210 yds, par 3 HIT first green in regulation and a yard further would have set up a good birdie chance.
Scott Leaf Saddle Open Handicap Mile: 1 I Am Still The Man (David Bevan); 2 Rebelwood (Julian Price) 40 yds; 3 Northern Sky (Julie Bevan) 10 yds.
SECOND - PAR 4, 471 YDS "A very difficult hole so early in the round .