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The year of jubilee is described in the rest of Leviticus 25.
There is a retro-leptic element in the concerns of the sabbath year and the year of jubilee.
Leviticus 25:40f, issues the same prescription for the year of jubilee.
Activity poster -- a poster for each year of Jubilee with activities for learning and acting on the back
In this year of Jubilee, it is appropriate that we look to renew our faith and dedication to doing the Lord's work, not only individually, but as a community," stated Father Richard Welch, CSSR, JCD, President of Human Life International, the world's largest pro- life, pro-faith, pro-family apostolate.
At the same time, churches around the world are emphasizing the millennium as the biblical Year of Jubilee, an opportunity to free poor nations from crushing debt and give them a fresh start.
The year after seven, seven-year periods (the 50th year) was declared the Year of Jubilee.
A year of Jubilee followed seven seven-year periods.