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The year of Jubilee erased all of that and purposely returned everything back to where it had been before the poorer families got into debt.
Isaiah was describing a Year of Jubilee, a Year of the Lord--and Jesus described his entire ministry as a time of Jubilee in the tradition of Leviticus 25.
That same year some awake and zealous members of the Prince Albert Diocese in Saskatchewan were urging everyone to buy and wear a Jubilee pin, to begin repentance and prayer for the Year of Jubilee.
Roland de Vaux states quite bluntly that the year of jubilee "was a utopian law and it remained a dead letter".
Between 1886 and 1895 he published one or more novels every year, among them Demos (1886), The Emancipated (1890), Born in Exile (1892), The Odd Women (1893), and In the Year of Jubilee (1894).
He said the greening effort was also part of the celebration of the Year of Jubilee by the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer (C.
The original owners of land will have it returned to them in the year of Jubilee.