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YEOMAN. In the United States this word does not appear to have any very exact meaning. It is usually put as an addition to the names of parties in declarations and indictments. In England it signifies a free man who has land of the value of forty shillings a year. 2 Inst. 668; 2 Dall. 92.

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Chronic competitive pressure, he further warned, could abrade, Zmirak omits the yeomanly efforts of conservative Christian economist Ralph Ancil to keep the flame of Ropke's wisdom burning.
More and more consumers in Germany and elsewhere are realizing this, thanks to the ongoing education programs and promotions yeomanly waged by companies such as Hamburger Feinfrost.
Moreover, he believed that Christianity was "a homely and Yeomanly Religion" based on "the plaine and homespun verity of Christs Gospell" (CE, 3.