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Richard Spool wanted the stop signs at Westbrook Road entering Chippewa Road and Chippewa Road entering Ellis Drive removed or replaced with yield signs.
Maertens said that about 15 years ago at a meeting in Bryant, he suggested making the service roads safer by placing reminder signs on the service roads that a yield sign is upcoming.
And, they note, even a misled subject who remembers originally seeing a stop sign might reason that the experimenter who prepared misleading information knows what is in the slides--hence, the sign must have been a yield sign.
That convinced him that a stop sign was needed on the Brookfield-Brimfield Road, with the elimination of the yield sign on Southbridge Road.
She faulted the elimination of the yield sign for increasing the hazard.
With this submission and our legal opinion, OTC Markets should be able to remove the Yield sign.
With their submission, the OTC Markets compliance department has everything they require for the removal of the Yield sign.
He said that eastbound right-turn lanes with yield sign controls are installed at both the Mulholland-Beverly Glen and Mulholland-Benedict Canyon intersections.
With the filing of the "Initial Company Information and Disclosure" document, OTC Markets will have all data required to remove the YIELD sign from APII.
A yield sign was on the corner and Dan didn't have her stop.
Prior to this upgrade, Eternal Image was recognized with a Yield sign, suggesting the company reported limited information to investors.
The Yield Sign and "Limited Information" caution signs have been removed from the VPLM symbol and replaced with the "Current Information" designation and symbol.