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Urwin Agan, Robert Allan, Herbert Philipson Atkinson, George Bell, George Milburn Bigglestone, Thomas Owen Bolton, Stanley Bright, Bryan Charlton, William Collingwood, Lester George Coutts, Lewis Ogilvie Douglass, Thomas Woodman Elliott, Frederick Charles Garrod, Henry Gill, Wilfred Hall, John George Henderson, George Markham Heppinstall, Bruce Hamilton Hindmarsh, Joseph Asquith Hodgson, James Lapping, John Elliot Luke, James Mason, Peter Alan McDonald, Roderick McGregor, John Thirwall McKeown, Jack Ord, John Leonard Pearson, James Adamson Pollock, Jean Scott, Russell Smith, James Claughan Trobe, George Moffat Urwin, Brian Wardle, Ronald Waugh, Frederick John Young, Thomas Bell.
Goals from Darren and Derek Young, Thomas Solberg and Robbie Winters knocked the stuffing out of Alex Caldwell's Third Division new boys.
Darren Young, Thomas Solberg, Robbie Winters and Derek Young rescued the Dons after a battling display by the Highlanders.