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But the playful younglings are full of tricks, and they confuse their parents in an effort to stay up and play.
The acts included Jruzz Merca, a Dubai-based Commercial photographer and videographer; contemporary dance duo Guin and Talin Harbiyan; solo dancer Tara Tibos; poets Dbelle Gutierrez, and Zeina Hashem Beck; filmmaker Faisal Hashmi; and musicians Behold the Locus, and The Younglings.
We are referring to the new breed of large sensor compact cameras, the younglings who look like their pocketable brethren, but harbour much bigger, meaner imaging tech on the inside.
A few examples will give you the idea: 'Cinema--dark room where younglings crackle popcorn while adults go, "Shush
Later came the fruitful and passionate mixture of the Greek and Oriental mind, and from it arose a source of loveliness: Greek grace paired with the religious fervor of the East, and the slender leaning younglings exchanged their half-opened lips' smiling grief with the Eastern countenance's inward wisdom.
In the same way, the treatment of females with raloxifene, a selective estrogen receptor modulator, during four weeks before the mating, had induced increase of the weight of younglings at the postnatal day 1 (HOYT et al.
We watched flocks of wild turkey, herds of deer (who ate the petunias and the peaches from the trees), counting the younglings each spring.
There'll also be a set from Daisy Riots - three Southport and Liverpool younglings whose sound mixes the Clash and the Libertines, with a few other legends thrown in for good measure.
It's all about a trendy troupe of handsome younglings who just so happen to play musical instruments badly.
The younglings of this modern age don't even know what real food is, much less how to grow or prepare it
We bought a permit at the Vida Community Market and I reminded the younglings how blessed we are to live where you can buy a Christmas tree for $5 instead of, in some tree-starved states, $50 or more.
Even so I still feel a paternal affection for these two callow younglings, if mainly for their ardency.