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If your lordship would care to have me demonstrate his celebrated fainting fit, when his eyeballs rolled backward in his head '
That is what I wish, your lordship,' said the boy, nodding his head.
Yet before I go,' said Luigi, "I must thank your lordship for his kindness, and ask your lordship's blessing on my work.
After all, your lordship has already done so much for me
This is Giuseppe, the beggar, your lordship,' said the secretary, with repugnance.
But if he isn't your lordship's beggar--and your lordship paid him no attention this morning '
Your lordship has a right to a beggar if your lordship wants one--we're all agreed to that.
Oh, your lordship takes it too hard,' said Giuseppe, shuffling his feet.
But if the man's to keep a whole skin, your lordship had best come with me--old Marta was talking of ear slitting when I left her.
Oh, your lordship need not take it so hard,' said Luigi, rubbing his arms.
Now, your lordship, doubtless, has never been in a room quite like this before.
That was a fine rousing sermon your lordship gave us on idleness and heedlessness this morning,' he said.