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We are committed to having a network of Youth Hostels that meet the needs of our customers both now and in the future.
However, the Khan's journey has not yet come to an end as the Aman Youth Organization inaugurated a youth hostel inside the Khan earlier this month.
It was almost eighty years ago when the Youth Hostel movement started in England from an idea that had worked in Germany for a previous twenty years.
Like many tourism businesses, YHA has been badly affected by the outbreak and will lose an estimated #2 million by the end of April through the 110 Youth Hostels which have had to close.
The new liberal licensing laws mean that the Youth Hostel Association can legally apply to sell alcohol 24 hours a day in 118 of its hostels, many of which are located in the most attractive parts of England and Wales.
Hostels in Acomb, Bellingham, Greenhead and Wooler, in Northumberland, plus Alston in Cumbria, face closure over the next three years as part of a cost-cutting programme by the Youth Hostel Association (YHA).
Yet the two wheels of my bicycle gave me the freedom to holiday any weekend for no more than a few shillings in a youth hostel.
Young people aged 14 and over can visit youth hostels unaccompanied by an adult.
A court official said: 'Montes was in the habit of frequenting youth hostels in France, Holland, Germany, Spain and in England.
Before Caroline's tragic death, he had preyed on children in youth hostels in Britain, Holland, France and Spain.
A WAITER is being held in Florida over the rape and murder of Caroline Dickinson in a French youth hostel.

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