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That year, the zealots drafted a constitution, a new one for Iran.
Jewish zealots of the approximate time of Jesus were willing to commit acts of violence, including assassination and open insurrection.
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The infamous Menemen Uprising of 1930, also known as the Kubilay Incident, took place when numerous religious zealots gathered in yzmir's Menemen district and launched an uprising against the secular regime, killing three.
There is nothing funny about violence, bombs or blowing up people, but the new zealots only care for their needs.
Yet we are not taught evolution in our schools ("we can't get into the business of knocking down kids' religions"), religious zealots have mounted a fierce backlash, while leaders like the Archbishop of Canterbury have tried to marry Darwin's theory with their own creationist belief ("a pretentious cop out," rapped Professor Richard Dawkins).
Gary Stager's column suggests that only zealots and religious kooks question Al Gore.
11, 2001, Ayaan Hirsi Ali began studying her Muslim faith, digging deep into the Quran to understand why 19 zealots would turn airplanes into missiles.
military's preference for gearing up to fight "near-peer," state-sponsored professional militaries, our major enemy today is scruffy cells of religious zealots or political opportunists who operate in a pan-national no-man's land.
I expect this kind of narrow-minded policy from the nationalist zealots in the Republican Party, but I guess any hope for open-mindedness in the party that runs on promises of fairness and equality will have to wait until the election season has ended.
You don't create zealots for products by just filling in the Excel fields correctly.
Living as we do these days in a world awash with zealots who are convinced (like Noah) that God wills the destruction of those judged ungodly, this story takes on a whole level of meaning relevant to our times.