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Another is Gunter Pauli, creator of ZERI (Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives) -- the ultimate in sustainable technology.
At a time when communities across the world are struggling to raise funds for development projects, Air Arabia's sustained effort in proactively engaging with local communities is indeed commendable," said Mohamed Hamdan Al Zeri, Board Member of Sharjah Charity International.
Pauli founded ZERI in 1994, following the realization that even his biodegradable products depended on a system of production that was unsustainable.
The Blinding Order," written in 1984, was first published as "Qorrfirmani" in the journal Zeri i Rinise and subsequently published in La Grande muraille, suivi de Le Firman aveugle (1993), translated into French by Jusuf Vrioni.
A ZERI pilot project, with the University of Zambia and other partners, is showing how water hyacinths can be composted and used for growing mushrooms.
For example, Koha Ditore (Albanian newspaper), "There Was a Time When Serb Property Was Sold in Kosovo" (translation), 8 July 2001; Zeri (Albanian newspaper), "Haekkerup's Complicated Law on Property Sales" (translation), 3 August 2001.