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As Table 1 shows, the D-MWCNTs have a higher negative zeta potential than P-MWCNTs and A-MWCNT owing to the formation of a weakly aggregated structure.
To better understand the stability of AEH with different amine hardeners, zeta potential was used to monitor the stability.
It is clear from the table that the sign and the magnitude of the zeta potential of CHAP particles vary systematically with Ca/(P + C[O.
Zeta potential was measured after dilution with double distilled water was found to be -9.
The zeta potential of the niosomal formulation containing MTX was found to be -69.
Previous studies (Chorom and Rengasamy 1995; Marchuk and Rengasamy 2011) have shown that zeta potential of the dispersed clays is closely related to dispersion--flocculation phenomena.
The particle size of the systems was analyzed with dynamic light scattering as well as zeta potential (Malvern Zetasizer Nano-ZS, UK).
The stability of prepared precursor was also determined with zeta potential using the same instrument.
pzc]), surface behavior of colloid the zeta potential measurement has been carried out.
The physicochemical and biological characterization of the polymer revealed that it is able to condense DNA efficiently into nanoparticles with a positive zeta potential despite the fact that the polymer is amphoteric.
Particle size, particle shape, zeta potential, molecular weight, chemical composition and rheological properties measurements are now joined by advanced chromatography solutions (GPC/SEC), extending Malvern's technologies for protein molecular weight, size and aggregation measurements, and synthetic polymer molecular weight and distribution.
The zeta potential of oil shale particles with increasing fineness is shown in Fig.