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The zig-zag lines on the road are there specifically to provide safety for pupils entering and leaving the school.
Robert Blank huddersfield examiner Brighouse coach operator driven to distraction by badly parked parents and zig-zag lines outside schools The zig-zags are a protected zone for a good reason.
I'M HAVING A GOGGLE Little lad looks for horses, but all he can see is hats; NEW LINE Zig-zag hat yesterday; OH FLAP Bright yellow butterfly; SO SWARM There's more butterflies on this one; BLOOMING Race fan has a nice daisy.
Retailers are to benefit from an extra 10% profit from JOB rolling papers, taking retail margins towards the 60% mark, in line with return offered on Zig-Zag.
JOB is famous across the world far its double booklets and Zig-Zag plans to make the brand more UK-friendly by introducing green, blue and red king-size and regular size booklets and also develop new packaging formats.
Julie Zig-Zag bustier, Coast @ Frasers, pounds 65; Brown linen trousers, Coast @ Frasers, pounds 80; Sandals, Carvela @ John Lewis, pounds 55; Earrings, Accessorize, pounds 12
For the past five weeks our team of reporters and photographers have been policing roads, making sure motorists parked on zig-zag or yellow lines outside schools realise they are endangering the lives of children.
A new zebra crossing has been installed and zig-zag lines painted outside the Co-op shop on Huddersfield Road.
Zig-zag striped hat; Green knitted trapper hat and mittens set; Timberland faux-fur trapper hat
Best sellers such as Rizla and Zig-Zag should be presented where the customer can see them, preferably at eye-level in the middle of the fixture, while the bottom shelf can be used to display other high-margin accessories such as rolling machines and lighters.
Motorists picking up pupils from Oakfield Primary in St Mellons in Cardiff avoided the zig-zag lines outside the school gates.
Run towards the closest cover in short, zig-zag bursts.