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A major search and rescue operation was launched and her body was found by Susan Jones at around 11am, after she spotted the Zimmer frame on the pier as she walked her dog on Newry Beach.
But some joked they may need Zimmer frames before it's created and the first passengers are ready to board the socalled High Speed 3.
It was a pointless crime as the stolen items will be useless on anything other than a Zimmer frame.
However, on returning to Ladywood and attempting to alight from the bus, suffice to say my Zimmer frame went one way and I the other.
George tweeted a snap of Gary with a walking aid at one point, captioned: "The old man giving it some with his new Zimmer frame.
A THUG who attacked his elderly neighbour with a zimmer frame after beating her black-and-blue had his sentence cut by top judges.
There seems no way out as screams and cries lead you to the Grizzly Granny stumbling on her zimmer frame through her rat infested hovel.
Q I TAKE various amounts of pills throughout the day but standard CADDY GETS YOU A ROUND QI READ in your column about an item that fits on to a Zimmer frame but I can't recall what it is - have you any ideas?
Andy Pickover, 25, a teacher from Whickham, Gateshead: I'm probably going to chase people around on my Zimmer frame.
She said: "I can't go marching off to the shops yet but I have got my own Zimmer frame - I feel like a little old lady.
Ex-wife Angela Buss is so worried about David John Talbot (also known as Albert), who walks with a Zimmer frame, she has had him listed on the National Missing Person's register.
I WAS tempted to take a Zimmer frame and a basket of fruit to Wentworth yesterday.