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As Abase, who fled Bethnal Green, East London, with two pals attempted to groom the "teenager" to join the brutal ISIS regime she was asked if she had heard about the atrocity in Sousse.
He added that the Iraqis recognize the dubious plan the government seeks to pass, asserting that division plans will never succeed and will not abase the Iraqis' unity.
Create monthly budgets that reflect your goal Print out your 2012 profit and loss statement in a monthly format and use it as abase to budget for 2013.
The stated intent of the Canadian soldier was to prevent any subsequent abase of the detainee by the NDS, as this was known to occur.
The state broadcaster has no right to bring on the most hostile people as presenters to ridicule and abase our policy of reconciliation," Talat said yesterday shortly after finishing the latest round of UN-sponsored reunification talks with Greek Cypriot president Demetris Christofias.
This shows how they abase the people's value and who they represent", he said.
Here, one felt her visceral attraction to Oedipus, her willingness to submit to his desire, and even to abase herself at his feet.
If you can't find a convenient joist, use hollow-wall screws or fix a batten to the ceiling as abase for the brackets.
8) Origen also said that we should not despise or abase the poor, (9) or shame their faces.
Using religious appeals as a vehicle for their own power, proponents of extremist religious interpretations have sought to 'tame' women and girls by limiting their mobility outside of the home, limiting their access to education, subjecting their bodies to harmful traditional practices, controlling attire and even killing to punish acts which were claimed to abase the family honor.
Then, they adhered that grating to abase of rubbery acrylic polymer that acts as an artificial muscle.
If we spent a big part of that money on trying to attract an American or Japanese world leader to set up abase in our area, there would be a number of benefits.