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The letter also voiced concern that, "after a short period of abashed docility --and successful requests for a government bailout exceeding many hundreds of billions of dollars--the financial services industry has returned to its mantra that the best regulation is usually the least regulation.
His pile of chips grew by itself while, relaxed and talkative, he'd sip a beer and seem surprised and slightly abashed when he won.
Not a bit abashed, you committed this serious affray in November.
From abashed to zenith, the book contains dozens of potentially useful words that youngsters will love to use.
It's more likely that the smirk which has understandably annoyed fans was one of abashed shame.
Wayne Rooney had the decency to look abashed by what he had done.
The English extract from the Challawa serial- that remains a household name in Pakistan, albeit one mentioned in abashed tones- is the first glimpse into the lusty world of Pakistani pulp fiction.
My friend was a bit abashed when I explained that Center had actually asked, "Would you like the Seymore weather?
Smith, it has to be said, sat at the end of the table looking as abashed as Buttons on the receiving end of glowing compliments from Cinderella.
Mein to Virbhadra ki aulad hun (I am the son of Virbhadra)", said Singh in answer to the communalism-loaded question, but the answer did not leave Gadkari abashed.
When you find someone alone in an aisle he seems abashed,
I find myself abashed at the response of my professional colleagues to the "What's so gay about it?