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power: objektplanung engineering structures and transportation facilities as well as technical design structural design for replacement building is abbreviated as: op engineering structures, traffic system; trade plan.
Each Emax Link abbreviated switchgear section includes all frame members, panels, barriers and bussing necessary for metal-enclosed construction, requiring only the addition of control devices, side covers, bus splices, wiring and the Emax breakers.
Duedil, the world's largest free database of company information, has rolled out two new features to help users extract greater detail from abbreviated accounts.
SENDING text messages with abbreviated words is helping children learn to spell, according to academics at Coventry University.
BANK provides swift delivery of Mobile Commerce banking applications to customers using Single Touch's Award Winning Abbreviated Dial Code (ADC) services.
Geoff Wilcock, director of business information services at Jordans, said: "It is becoming increasingly difficult to see any real benefit from filing abbreviated accounts with Companies House.
They should be spelled out if there is room, or abbreviated according to AP style.
Sample questions for deliberation at the close of each chapter round out this excellent abbreviated survey of the story that scripture has to tell us.
Dean Elliott said that while he shares the concern about the abbreviated schedule, "you've got to work with the time you've got and we could meet at General Synod for two to three weeks and still say there isn't enough time.
This awful use of pet and abbreviated names is rife in football: 'Giggsy', 'Crouchie' etc.
If the abbreviated web version is anything to go by it is comprehensive--although the editors are addicted to redundant capital letters, tiny type and horrible words like 'gifted' which used to be an adjective but seems to have become a verb, a substitute for the now deeply unfashionable 'to give'.
The illustrations also accentuate the abbreviated, selected text of each tale.