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SHOCKING: Gerald was so flabbergasted he decided to abdicate
Once a leader abdicates personal responsibility, it is very difficult to reclaim.
I will abdicate as king of Cambodia once the Throne Council with its full members are to receive my official letter offering my formal demission of my function as a king of Cambodia,'' he said in a message posted on his website.
Zanella's version of the ballet starts at a birthday ball given for Princess Clara-Maria by her father, Prince Karl yon Drosselberg, who has decided to abdicate in her favor.
The teacher should abdicate the "talking head" role and replace it with one that encourages and validates pupil owners
WW I wreaks further havoc, and the Tsar is forced to abdicate.
Luc Tuiymans's recent show of paintings, "Mwana Kitoko," focused not on the origins of his homeland's imperialism but on a moment during its demise: the '50s under King Baudouin, coronated in 1950 at age nineteen after his father was forced to abdicate (due to bad behavior during World War II).
One punter has already bet pounds 2,500 that the Queen will abdicate in the coming year.
We need to redistribute wealth and power in this country, and the United States must abdicate the throne of empire.
Members abdicate all decision making and critical thinking to the group leader.
Seduced by the promises of tourist money and hundreds of new jobs, politicians cheerlead for expanded gambling and abdicate any regulatory role in the process.