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Beatrix has been Queen since 1980 when her mother Queen Juliana abdicated aged 73.
It could be time for state and local governments to step up and accept the responsibility to "promote the general welfare" that is being abdicated in Washington.
King Sihanouk abdicated in 1955 in favor of his father, Norodom Suramarit and became head of the government until he was toppled in 1970 by U.
She reigned in Holland for 32 years after taking the throne in 1948 when her mother Queen Wilhelmina abdicated.
That Jonson abdicated the stage for a time in favor of court poetry makes the battle seem both less significant in its implications and more inevitable in its outcome than was indeed the case.
When the rezoning was challenged in a lawsuit, the court found that by delegating final resolution of the traffic and wetlands issues to other agencies, the town had abdicated its decision-making authority under SEQRA.
The Nordstroms step in following the resignation of John Whitacre, who abdicated his post following a decline in company performance over the past several years.
However, the SEC has not abdicated its own statutory responsibilities--it will provide oversight of the ISB and will take enforcement action when appropriate.
Refreshingly, Currin has abdicated responsibility for complying with the imagined protocols of either the putative vanguard or the rearguard, supposing that they had already leaked their secrets to each other, and that now there was very little at stake in preserving even the symbolic difference between the two.
Now he has simply abdicated to the very embodiment of the military-industrial complex.
But many of these parties have abdicated their safety responsibilities in recent years, Henn says.