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The Imperial Household Council, made up of Mr Abe, lawmakers, and members of Japan's royal family, convened on Friday to set the date of the abdication.
The abdication, the first since 1817, appears to have support among the general population, who view it as a sign of changing times.
Following his abdication, he requested a set of the coins as a memento.
The present system of not recognizing abdication and allowing succession to the throne only upon an emperor's death came into being after Japan became a modern Western-style state.
If it actually existed, this dossier has not survived in the official archives, but, as the cinematic narrative of the abdication has taken shape, such long-standing rumors have positioned Simpson-American, childless, thrice-married, and sexually deviant--as the antithesis of her sister-in-law--Queen Elizabeth, loving wife and dedicated mother--and thus, by extension, as the antithesis of Britain.
As for Elizabeth's own position on abdication, the best guide on record remains her 21st birthday broadcast to the Commonwealth, made in 1947 from Cape Town.
Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy did not say when the handover would happen because the government must now craft a law creating a legal mechanism for the abdication and for Felipe's assumption of power.
Philippe, who is a qualified fighter pilot, will wear the uniform of a lieutenant general for his father's abdication ceremony.
Behind the abdication of Qatar's emir The emir's abdication when Qatar is thriving moves the country into the hands of a new generation with minimal dissent, while giving his son a golden chance to bolster his own legitimacy and credentials.
Islamabad -- Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands signed the instrument of abdication in the Royal Palace, Amsterdam, formally relinquishing the throne.
A visibly emotional Queen Beatrix ended her 33-year reign in a nationally televised abdication signing ceremony as thousands of orange-clad people cheered outside.
Even more are expected on Tuesday for Beatrix's abdication and succession by her eldest son, Willem Alexander, who will be the country's first male monarch in 122 years.