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The police recovered the abductee and arrested three women, Gul Raj Lateef, Gul Naz Fazal and Safoora Begam.
However, recently bargain between the abductee and the family members was struck at Rs.
According to the source, Matsumoto and other abductees were gathered in the Sunan district of Pyongyang sometime after April 2012 when Kim assumed the post of the First Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea.
In contrast to Japan, where the Liberal Democrats used the abduction issue to craft an unexpected victory in November 2003 and where a separate cabinet office was established on the issue with the prime minister as ex-officio chair, there was only minor policy adjustment on the abductee issue in South Korea.
McNally and Claney linked the claims of 10 alien abductees to episodes of sleep paralysis.
Taking notice of the incident, a special investigation team was constituted by IGP KP under the command of SSP CTD Sohail Khalid and DSP Operations Shah Nawaz for recovering the abductee.
Kim promises to reinvestigate the fate of other abductees.
I'm extremely surprised (at the news),'' said 79-year-old Shigeru Yokota, whose daughter Megumi Yokota was abducted in 1977 at age 13 and has become a symbolic figure among the abductees.
Kim, who also met with the family of another abductee, Yaeko Taguchi, during her stay in Karuizawa, left the town on Thursday morning for Tokyo to see the families of other abductees in the afternoon.
Former North Korean agent Kim Hyon Hui met Wednesday with the parents of Megumi Yokota, one of the Japanese abducted by Pyongyang, while telling family members of another abductee that she saw several people in North Korea who a Japanese organization suspects were abducted by the North while she was still in the country.
administration in resolving the abduction issue after the meeting, with Shigeru Yokota, the 76-year-old father of abductee Megumi Yokota, saying, ''The secretary of state stressed that she has not forgotten about the abduction issue.
The move also undermines the credibility of the North's allegation that Japanese abductee Megumi Yokota has died, as well as of its information about other abductees.