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Manmohan Singh has said that the media itself should find ways and means of removing the deficiencies and aberrations that have crept into in recent years.
but such an incident, in comparison to the vast number of crimes occurring in India, makes it an aberration rather than the rule," the court said.
For copy number aberration analysis, the sensitivity and specificity of detecting tumor-associated copy number aberrations in plasma were determined by the precision of measuring the representation of plasma DNA in a chromosomal region and the fractional concentration of the tumor-derived DNA in the plasma of the cancer patient.
Enlightenment Aberrations resembles a conventional intellectual history to the extent that it draws upon the work of familiar figures: d'Alembert and Condillac serve as guides to Enlightenment epistemology, Condorcet and Sieyes expose the relationship of error and troth in revolutionary politics, Robespierre and Saint-Just represent the politics of the Terror, while Bonald and de Maistre outline a counterrevolutionary "politics of sin.
The aspherical design of the lens helps to achieve low chromatic aberration and high resolution while Canon's Super Spectra lens coating lowers incidence of flare and ghosting.
Designed by UltraVision for UltraVision", the new Sill lenses incorporate the company's award-winning Spherical Aberration Management (SAM) and wavefront technologies which are said to offer greater visual acuity and oxygen permeability.
The Titan announcement comes just one year after FEI became the first developer and manufacturer of commercial electron microscopes to achieve sub-Angstrom resolution on FEI's market-leading Tecnai(TM) microscope using a monochromator and an aberration corrector.
The question has been which aberration to build a test around, says Paul Cairns of Fox Chase.
That's something we have to look into and determine whether it's an aberration or if it's an actual problem in law enforcement.
A molded glass aspheric lens has two advantages over a multi-element lens, first, the aspheric design reduces spherical aberration and coma in a single element, and second, with fewer optical surfaces required, overall light transmission is higher," states Emily Kubacki, Optics Product Manager.
Aberration may also cause the image of an object to be formed in a differ shape from that of the object.