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One who commands, advises, instigates, or encourages another to commit a crime. A person who, being present, incites another to commit a crime, and thus becomes a principal. To be an abettor, the accused must have instigated or advised the commission of a crime or been present for the purpose of assisting in its commission; he or she must share criminal intent with which the crime was committed.

A person who lends a friend a car for use in a Robbery is an abettor even though he or she is not present when the robbery takes place. An abettor is not the chief actor, the principal, in the commission of a crime but must share the principal's criminal intent in order to be prosecuted for the same crime.


noun accessory, accomplice, accomplice in crime, actuator, adjutant, advocate, aide, aider, assistant, associate, auxiliary, backer, coadjutor, collaborator, conspirator, cooperator, encourager, exponent, helper, henchman, impeller, inducer, instigator, mainstay, maintainer, motivator, particeps criminis, patron, promoter, prompter, protagonist, second, support, supporter, sustainer, upholder
Associated concepts: aiding and abetting, conspiracy
See also: accessory, accomplice, advocate, assistant, backer, benefactor, catalyst, coactor, coadjutant, coconspirator, cohort, colleague, confederate, consociate, conspirator, conspirer, contributor, copartner, participant, partner, proponent

ABETTOR, crim. law. One who encourages or incites, persuades or sets another on to commit a crime. Such a person is either a principal or, an accessory to the crime. When present, aiding, where a felony is committed, he is guilty as principal in the second degree ; when absent, he is merely an accessory. 1. Russell, 21; 1 Leach 66; Foster 428.

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Mitchell, the CAAF addressed a subtle nuance of aider and abettor liability: what mens rea is required for an aider and abettor of a specific intent crime?
It is a short, logical step then from aider and abettor to aiding and abetting, since all of the requirements of the definition are met.
ISLAMABAD -- The Islamabad High Court (IHC) Tuesday set aside order of Special Court dated November 21, 2014 to try abettors as well in high treason case.
Earlier, Additional attorney general Afnan Karim Kundi contended before the court that the federal government was ready to examine the role of any abettor for imposing emergency but he requested the court to expunge the remarks made by the special court against the federal government and the investigating agency.
Shahid's cousin Afzal Mirasi turned out to be abettor as he wanted to marry the daughter of deceased Mohammad Nawaz and thought that his marriage with the girl would become possible following the death of her father.
Wright, who authorities said has a minimal prior record, pleaded no contest to shooting at an inhabited dwelling as an aider or abettor and was sentenced to the three-year term.
District Court for the District of Massachusetts dismissed aider and abettor liability claims against Price Waterhouse but sustained other securities law actions against the firm.
SBS was sued as an aider and abettor of USAI making such alleged false statements.
Merely being present at the spot does not make anyone an abettor.
I don't this strongly, but I do in this case because I really believe the court made an erroneous ruling in denying the motion to dismiss the murder charge after the prosecution rested and giving a jury instruction that they could find her guilty as an aider and abettor even though she essentially did nothing," Murphy said after the sentencing.
District Court, Central District of California, granted Ernst & Young's summary judgment motion based on aider and abettor liability but the court denied the firm's summary judgment motion as a primary violator under section 10b of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.
Co-defendant Rafael Espinoza, 26, of Palmdale was sentenced in December to six years in prison after pleading no contest to assault with force likely to produce great bodily injury, being an accessory after the fact for murder, and possession of a firearm as an aider and abettor.