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The national dialogue sessions will assess the level of abidance with provisions of the roadmap by the interim Prime Minister and discuss the composition of the commission of communication and follow-up of the government process in the transition phase.
Salim bin Humadi al-Hajri, Advisor at the Office of the Minister of Interior and head of the Preparation Committee for the Municipal Councils Elections for the First Term stressed the importance of good organization and abidance by voting procedures to ensure the success of the Municipal Councils Elections for First Term.
Sadek went on to emphasize the need for full compliance with all anti-money laundering laws and abidance by the executive regulations issued by the Capital Markets Authority and the Central Bank of Kuwait as well as all relevant international standards, in order to protect the company and its clientele of any suspicious transactions.
In abidance with their Ethical Code, Bulgarian media should write about the minority's problems and give a tribune to its representatives.
Watkins cited UN's hopes for Lebanon's total abidance by international obligations and cooperation with the STL.
The two sides agreed that abidance by the laws will gradually lead to improvement of the situation in the country.
The Public Security of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has presented the candidature of three security films on terror fighting, traffic regulations abidance by and societal police, which was announced winner of the prize at the 34th Arab Police and Security Leaders conference in the Tunisian capital of Tunis.
Meanwhile, Lee reported that the FSC is also formulating criteria for screening applications by Taiwanese banks to set up branches in China, from the three aspects of finance, business, and law abidance, adding that in principle only "healthy boys" can extend their operations to the other side of the Strait.
The software mechanism automatically develops and stores FDA-validated records for audit and abidance.
ARBIL/ Aswat al-Iraq: The Kurdish government strongly denied what is called the "honor crime" and expressed abidance with the principles of combatting anti-women violence in all its forms.
Marzouki indicated that he will accept, in abidance by the provisional organisation of public authorities, a candidate who manages to be the unanimous choice of all parties and who will be able to form a cabinet that enjoys the confidence of the National Constituent Assembly.
While the Public Prosecution affirms that it will continue its duty towards ensuring abidance by the laws and regulations, it calls upon all citizens on the importance of following the legal methods and means for the expression of opinion in line with the legal concept for the freedom of expression".